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Follow these links to two recently-published articles, written by our current and returned WorldTeach volunteers - Amy Adoyzie Lam who taught in Bangladesh, and Nathan Carlton, a Namibia volunteer. As Carlton suggests, our mental pictures of developing countries are often molded by tragic news reports and affecting photos - media which depicts extreme poverty and sickness. While this is an undeniable facet of life in many developing countries, it's not the whole picture. For every story of loss, there's a corresponding story of hope and progress. Carlton writes about the small, rural township where he worked for a year:

The residents of Tseiblaagte are by no means wealthy, yet most bear little resemblance to the emaciated or bloody refugees often shown on news reports about Africa. I am more used to seeing someone from my neighborhood buying cell phone credit or a week's worth of groceries than begging for food or shelter.

He also recognizes the hardships of life in Namibia, and offers a first-hand perspective on the culture he's encountering. Amy Lam shares about the delicacies and dangers of providing sex education in a conservative foreign culture. Be sure to check out these insightful articles!

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