SAGE Guyana :: some of WorldTeach's amazing alumni

WorldTeach is proud to showcase an instance of WorldTeach alumni who have remained connected to their host countries and continue to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in which they served.

SAGE is an organization created and run by a group of returned WorldTeach Guyana volunteers whose mission is to empower young Guyanese to contribute positively and effectively to their country by increasing their access to post-secondary education. SAGE identifies secondary students with high academic potential but limited financial means and provide these students with scholarships to help fulfill their commitment to Guyana.

SAGE fosters development by identifying students with a commitment to their country, high academic promise, and limited financial means, and provides these students with scholarships while encouraging scholarship recipients to work within Guyana for several years after graduating. Targeting students living in the interior of Guyana allows educational resources to be re-invested in areas where development is needed most.

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Guyana, a small country on the northern coast of South America whose official language is English, boasts some of the world's most natural beauty, including the world's tallest single drop waterfall, Kaieteur Falls, and an abundance of lush vegetation.WorldTeach runs a year-long program departing in August in direct partnership with the Ministry of Education of Guyana teaching math and science in some of their most underserved rural areas.

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