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Peter Rudiak-Gould, an alumnus of WorldTeach's 2003 Marshall Islands program, has a book released this month based on his experiences on the islands!

A little bit about Peter:

Peter Rudiak-Gould majored in Linguistics at the University of California, San Diego before joining the second group of WorldTeach volunteers in the Marshall Islands (2003-2004). He was placed on Ujae, an outer island, and taught English to 4th to 8th graders. At the end of the year, he wrote the WorldTeach Marshallese language manual. Upon returning, he began work on a book about his experiences in the Marshall Islands. This book is now being published by Sterling Publishing as "Surviving Paradise: One Year on a Disappearing Island" and is available online and in bookstores.

In 2006, he moved to England to study Anthropology at Oxford University. He returned to the Marshall Islands in 2007 and 2009 to research local reactions to the threat of global warming. The first of these return trips, and what he learned about Marshallese views of climate change, is recounted in the last chapter of Surviving Paradise. Peter is now writing his doctoral dissertation on this subject.

Peter invites you to learn more about Surviving Paradise and other projects at www.peterrg.com.

You can check out Peter's book and learn more about his experience in the Marshall Islands at Amazon.com.

"Serving with WorldTeach combined the excitement of a personal adventure with the safety and convenience of being part of an organization. With WorldTeach providing practical and personal support, I could concentrate on my main goals: being an effective teacher and integrating into the local culture." -- Peter Rudiak-Gould

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