Chess Champions in Guyana led to victory by a WorldTeach Volunteer

David Stevenson, one of our WorldTeach volunteers serving in Guyana, recently led the chess team he coaches at St. Stanislaus school in Georgetown to a national championship! "It was a surprise when we won out of 25 schools," David commented, "but during the first day it looked like we had a very good chance."

David and his winning team

Congratulations, David!

Read the full story in the Stabroek News here:

Originally from the UK, David has had a long career in computer programming and embarked on his WorldTeach experience with a desire to share his love of math and his teaching ability abroad. The school where he teaches is one of the top schools in the country, he says, so the standard of math is higher than it would be elsewhere-- but still leaves a quite a lot of room for improvement. When asked about some excerpts from his day-to-day experiences, David shared this tidbit with us:

"The rainy season here is supposed to be from December- January, and we have had frequent though not continuous rain, so the season may be getting under way. I have to remember to shut the window when it rains else the bed gets soaked. Other frustrations which never got resolved are: the kitchen light we previously had to hold two wires together to get it to light now doesn’t work at all. So, since it gets dark at 6pm here, we usually cook in the dark. We have a security guard who talks to himself and has a habit of walking around the house closing our windows or peering in. And my door handle is broken so there is a danger of getting locked in my room.

I’ve been very busy the last two weeks with end of term marking which takes a long time. Most did badly in end-of-term tests so their marks are going to be very bad. Many are still handicapped (even in the 6th form) by failure to reliably get the signs right when simplifying expressions and eliminating brackets. Also, a lack of math sense: six minus one sixth equals negative thirty-seven over six!!"

Guyana in the rainy season

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