A New Learning Center in Namibia

Chloe Faught, a year-long Namibia volunteer finishing up her service, reports on the successful creation of a Learning Centre at the secondary school where she teaches, put together thanks to funds that she raised through donations from friends and family back home. Originally from Canada, Chloe has spent the past year serving with her husband and teaching at Omugwelume Junior Secondary School.

Chloe and her students

"It wasn’t until late August that I learned that there was a small room, with lights & electricity, that was being used solely as a storage place for broken items. So in September I tentatively asked my principal and he agreed that if I could raise money I could transform the room.

The funds flew in during October and once I was sure that this was going to happen, we started cleaning out the room. I found the electricity in working order, but the room ugly, with a large termite hole in one corner. So drywall patching equipment was bought, and paint & termite killer to start us off.

Next was a journey to the local big city of Oshakati with my principal and Mr. Haindobo, who fortunately happens to be a part-time builder in addition to his teaching job. We bought many items for the infrastructure of the centre: boards & cement supports for shelves, a large metal security door, benches, etc. Once those were installed, we brought in spare metal tables & we were ready to begin with the audio equipment.

Some of the learning materials Chloe was able to gather for the Center

Now we have 4 CD players, some which play MP3s and some with Cassette players. We added security cables to keep them from being stolen, a lockbox to store all the items. I added a few beauty items like curtains (also for security) and tablecloths. Now in our cupboard we have more than 100 CD’s and cassettes and capacity for 13 headsets & splitters to be used. The kids have been in it and have listened to short stories, novels & music for hours at a time. I am so happy, and glad that John & Eve (Chris’ family) could bring over so much of your donations when they came to visit us.

I ended the year with a teacher training for all teachers interested and had a fun scavenger hunt of the room to learn about it. They had a fun time even though they originally thought they were too busy with marking. And I’ve created a schedule & system and put some teachers and learners in charge of it so that it will run next year."

Some of Chloe's students, including one in particular who inspired her to start up the Learning Center project. "Johannes (front left), is child #13 in his family (the "last born") but listens to everything I say and just absorbs it. I often find him secretly cleaning the library when I'm not around."

Johannes in the new learning center

This is just one instance of the meaningful community projects that our volunteers are able to implement while serving abroad in addition to their teaching assignments. More information regarding these opportunities as well as additional past examples can be found on our website, here.

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  1. It is a very effective way to train students because this will help to better grab both the attention and concentration of students.
    My best wishes for the learning center.