WorldTeach Colombia in the news... again!

WorldTeach Colombia has been covered by the Colombian press once more-- both in El Heraldo, the major local newspaper, and in Colombia Reports, an independent paper aimed toward a foreign audience.

WorldTeach Colombia volunteers Kenny Short, Marilyn Flores, Lindsay Giesen, Wismine Joseph, Lauren Doll, Nicolas Mikolenko, and Aisha Chappell [photo courtesy of El Heraldo]

Both articles report on the seven WorldTeach volunteers placed at the school recently opened by Shakira in her hometown of Barranquilla. The volunteers will be teaching English to both the sixth and seventh grade students as well as teachers at the school.Check them out (according to your language of preference)!

And a special thanks to Kenny Short for letting us know about the report!

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  1. Fyi, the English version is not very accurate. Just as an example, the 7 of us are teaching in grades 1 through 6 as well as 10th and 11th (not at all in 7th.) I encourage everyone to read the El Heraldo version if possible! :)

    -Marilyn Flores, WT Colombia Volunteer