Haiti Fundraising :: an update from Stephanie's class in Thailand

A few weeks ago we posted about Stephanie Paguio, one of our Thailand volunteers, and her efforts to raise funds and awareness about the relief efforts in Haiti in her classroom in the village of Pla Pak. Here, she dispatches some uplifting updates on her ongoing project.

"I am still so amazed by how supportive and generous the village has been. We have now raised 21,000 Baht (almost $700)! I along with five students and another Thai teacher went around Plapak village last weekend asking for donations."

Finding support outside the local bank

Support from Pla Pak's postmaster!

Support from the agricultural office!

Stephanie's students with the mayor of Pla Pak

A local policeman offers a donation

Some of Stephanie's students [all photos courtesy of Stephanie Paguio]

Stephanie now plans to donate these funds through the Thai Red Cross this week. We're inspired by her efforts and the heartwarming involvement of her whole community.

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