"A Person I Like or Respect"

Jane Brokaw shares her experience teaching an English class for adults in Rwanda during her orientation.

These are some of my adult students responses to our question “Please write a few sentences on a person you like or respect and why."

Nyanza-Orientation 027

Pascal - A person who I love and respect is first my mother but I love and respect everybody. My mama because she gave me life, she keeped (kept) me since I born and during my life. She gave me all I wanted if she had it and learned me to be on this world simple, loving another, and help anybody who needed me.

Nyanza-Orientation 016

Hermogene- I LOVE MY WIFE. This is because she is one who chose me among all other boys. She take care of both me and my son. Together we make ourselves happy and we plan and work for the future. So, I love her so much.

Nyanza-Orientation 015 Nyanza-Orientation 022

Charles– In my life, I love and respect so much my ground mother because she keeped (kept) me since I was eight years old after my mother dieing (died).

Jane- I love my father because he prays for me every day. I love my teacher Jane because we have the same noun (name).

Nyanza-Orientation 011

Jonathan – I love God because he gave us his son who is died for me.

Nyanza-Orientation 018

Jean - I like my mother so much because she made me what I am now. She gave me the school fees and she adviced (advised) me in order to have the good manners. She did many things to develop my mind and grow up physically. So I think to God for what God do for me through my mum. May God help my Mum and Rwanda.

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