Photo Greetings from Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands...

Annie Himmelsteib, our wonderful Field Director in the Marshall Islands, shares these photos from her recent site visit to Jaluit Atoll (see map below). A taste of island living for those of us left behind in the cold...

WorldTeach volunteer Rose Ekins helps her third graders with spelling on Imroj, Jaluit

Rose in front of her home, a traditional Marshallese hut on her host family's land

Volunteer Caitlin Morris and her student play on an outrigger canoe-- the fastest, cheapest transportation of choice in Jaluit Atoll

the Jaluit shoreline

Caitlin works closely with her two eighth grade students as they practice reading comprehension

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  1. This is great!! Have you visited Cari on Namdrik? Would love to see pictures of her also!