Questions for America

Jane Brokaw, WorldTeach Rwanda volunteer, shares with us the letter that her class wrote to an American classroom in Claremont.

"The following is a verbatim email my S4 MCB class drafted to American students:

Dear Claremont prep Students,

How are you? We are very glad to write to you. We are Rwandese students in senior 4 science. We would like to ask you some questions about your life in the USA. here are our questions.


1)How old do you have to be date ?

2)How is the students life in USA?

3)which kind of food do they prefer?

4)why the USA like to send young student in Africa especially in RWANDA ?

5)what do they thing for their future after schooling ?

6)which university do they like to study in USA ?

7)what make USA student"s social be greater than RWANDAN?

8)Who was the best artist in USA in 2009?

9)IN USA do they do the ordinary level exams?

10)Do they live at school or at their home ?

11)Do all american children have their own computers?

12)What is their plan in holidays?

13)Do teachers in USA write on black board with chalks ?

14)How do they feel about Osama Bin Laden attacks on World trade center?

15)In USA do they have English courses?

Please feel free to ask us whatever you would like about us. Thank you we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and God Bless America

Best Wishes,

Senior 4mcb"

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