"So Lucky"

Another update from Jolie Lee, WorldTeach China volunteer, who showcases here one of the students she has befriended at her school and her thoughts on her high school experience.

Shelly was one of the first students I met when I arrived. I was touched by her friendliness and willingness to show me around the school. Since that first meeting, Shelly and I have become close, even though she is not in any of my classes. We often see each other at the dining hall or during the activity period before dinner when I am running on the track. Shelly loves English and is eager to practice with me. Sometimes she comes to my house to ask me a grammar question or just to chat.

Last Sunday, we decided to enjoy the sun and sit outside on a school bench. It was a calm, quiet afternoon with most students out for the few hours that they didn't have to be in class. It was a perfect time for reflection. That afternoon the topic was what it means to be a high school student in China. So here is what Shelly told me, in her own words.

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