Summertime!! :: School's Out in Thailand

As the school year winds down in Thailand, WorldTeach volunteers are preparing for a HOT summer vacation including some exciting travel plans, both in-country and internationally! Below, Kate Mast shares some photos and thoughts on her last day of school for the year.

"School has officially closed for the Thai summer. Today was bittersweet as I had to say goodbye to my graduating 12th graders, yet I cannot help but be excited for them to start the next chapter of their lives... I will miss their smiling faces.

There was a feeling of celebration in the air today and everyone was relaxed and enjoying each other's company. We ate a large feast together, sang some songs, wished one another good luck and posed for a million photos.

Members of the graduating class strike a pose

Me and some of the soon-to-be 10th graders

This afternoon while sitting at home trying to figure out what to pack for my upcoming month and half off some of my 7th grade students came to my house to bring me some flowers and tell me they will miss me. How did I get so lucky?! It was the perfect end to a great day and wonderful semester. To think that when I first arrived students were too shy to even look at me, now they surprise me with a visit to my house!

Me and my flower bearers

Tomorrow I leave on a fantastic adventure! I am backpacking around Thailand until May when school starts back up again. I will be traveling with a my fellow volunteers Patricia and Valerie and cannot wait, we have quite the itinerary. First we head to Northern Thailand and then down south to island hop and play in the ocean. My mother and Jack will be meeting me here in Thailand the end of April and we will explore together as well before I bring them back to sleepy Nakhon Phanom to meet my students when school starts."

My flowers

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