Blackboard Garden

Jane Brokaw, WorldTeach Rwanda volunteer,writes about one of her favorite students and inspiring her class to open up their creative side!

"My S1 boys are so cute they break my heart. JMV took 2 hours to finish his history exam (everyone else took about an hour). He is so careful and hard-working that it makes me want to cry. I honestly have to restrain myself from hugging him. I mean that literally. I have to talk myself down “Jane, not a good idea to be hugging school boys out of the blue… They already think you are a crazy Muzungu (white person), it would probably traumatize the poor kid.” I just want him to be home with his mom. He looks way too young and fragile to be in boarding school. The children tend to be quite reserved with their smiles, but JMV never smiles and always gives me a Bambi in headlights look. Some of my other S1’s are teeny tiny too but no one brings tears to my eyes quite like JMV.  

These pictures are from our creative class today. I started by drawing a flower and then they all filled in with their own. They could have drawn anything but maybe I didn’t make that clear enough. Regardless, the result was beautiful."

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