A Dispatch from Remote Outer Islands...

While we unfortunately don't get as many electronic dispatches out of the Marshall Islands as we do in some of our other programs due to their spotty-to-nonexistent internet access out at some of the tinier outer islands, we are lucky today to have a few notes and photos from field director Angela Saunders from her latest site visits out to some of her more isolated volunteers. We hope you'll enjoy this glimpse of a very little-known corner of the Pacific!

"One of the best parts of my job as Field Director is going on site visits to watch the volunteer teachers in action. Last week, I spent 6 days on Aur Atoll, which is 80 miles North of the capital Majuro. There are two inhabited islands on this Atoll, Aur and Tobal, both of which are hosting a volunteer this year. Aur and Tobal are both beautiful and welcomed me in true mantin majol (Marshallese culture) style. Being a volunteer on a remote outer island is incredibly challenging and it makes me proud to say that WorldTeach volunteers Todd Mulroy (Aur) and Laura Sundblad (Tobal) are not only raising to the challenge, but beyond. Here are a few pictures from the visit." 

Aur Atoll from the air. I was in a small plane- 14 seats.

 Volunteer Todd Mulroy completing a reading assessment with student Juda

  Volunteer Laura Sundblad standing in front of her house

Laura enjoying a coconut and surrounded by all the food the Tobal PTA brought for my welcome party

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  1. Nice photos! And and congratZ for "up to the challenges of outer-islands!" Yokwe from Ebeye Public Elementary School!!