Mabaruma: a Photo Journal

Suzanne Giunta, WorldTeach Guyana volunteer, is teaching math and physics to 8th and 10th graders at her rural placement in Mabaruma. Below, she tells us a little bit about her site and daily life through a series of photos.

 This is the view from the 12-seater plane that we took out to Mabaruma. Though the trees are faint, that's the Amazon jungle!

A typical view of the Mabaruma hills and of two houses right by the school. So beautiful!
Fellow volunteer Lizzie and I washing clothes on our "living room" floor. Typical Sun am/Sat afternoon activity. We're really bad about doing laundry every day so it usually piles up and then we have lot to do on the weekends. Good bonding time though!

Our morning assembly at school - this is the view of the students in their lines from the balcony where the teachers stand. I think they're saying their mandatory school prayer in this picture.

It rains almost every afternoon here, since it's the Amazon basin, and usually there's a beautiful rainbow that appears right after. Lizzie and I always stop and stare because we're still not used to rainbows every day, and the residents usually stop and stare at us staring at the rainbow. This one's a double arc!
Our house! It's the last of 3 apartment buildings, so I tried to show just our section. Lizzie's bedroom is just above the light. Also, the bright green string out front is our new clothes line.

Of course I had to show the food...this is what we got at market last Saturday. The big blue bottle in the back is what we use to collect our water for drinking after we're done hand pumping it.

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