Namtastic Week

During school holidays, volunteers take some time off to celebrate special occasions or support their students in their extracurricular activities. Below, Namibia Year volunteer Amy Rossishares some stories about her most recent school holiday week, and updates us about life in Bunya, Namibia, her placement site.

This week I had my third school holiday in the last four weeks!

Holidays = no school.

Wednesday I celebrated another volunteer’s birthday, who also went to Clemson. (Yeah, there is a volunteer near me who went to Clemson. I’m pretty sure “it’s a small world” is an understatement.) Thursday, which was also the Day of the African Child, I went to catch the boys soccer game. 

My kids were so excited to wear their new jerseys!  These jerseys were donated by the Austin High School Boy’s Soccer team, and Lang’s Sporting Goods of Decatur embroidered them. Thank you!

When my principal asked the boys why they still had on their shirts under the jerseys, they replied “Madam, we don’t want to get the new jerseys dirty.” If that doesn’t melt your heart, I’m not sure what will.

Unfortunately, their game got canceled, but they soon hopped in the back of the cattle car to be transported home, and seemed to bounce right back from the set-back.

"Goodbye, Ms. Rossi!"

How fun does that look? AWESOME!!!! It was one of those moments where I realized "ummm, I’m in Africa."

On my walk home, I was joined by some hostel-learners and basically, we had a photo shoot.

Friday was the culture competition.  Our all-star team performed for us in the morning before leaving to compete at the circuit competition.

But, the highlight of my week was that I used some of my donated funds to purchase the school's first soccer and net balls.  I am not sure if I can express enough thanks.  The learners are ecstatic! The boys occasionally get their hands (ha) on a soccer ball, but the girls rarely get an actual net ball. Usually, their balls consist of waded up plastic bags or a mango. They have been buzzing with excitement all week!

Thank you thank you thank you for your support. It is humbling how such a simple gift can enrich their lives so drastically.

Computer classes are going well.  The look on their faces the very first day was indescribable.  In a few short lessons, they are no longer afraid of the computers. They have begun to teach each other things, and have even started figuring things out on their own. 

Classes always last longer than normal, now that I've introduced my students to photobooth... 

Eyeglass update: I guess Kavango kids have super eyes. Unfortunately, I have only found  one or two learners who need glasses so far, but I guess making a difference in one life is all it really takes.

Oh, and I taught my kids the Cha Cha Slide last week. In a vote, the Cha Cha Slide beat the hokey pokey 25 to 3.  Yeah, these kids know what’s up.

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