"Short Stories, Long Country" Issue #3

We are thrilled to share with you the newest issue of "Short Stories, Long Country," a newsletter written by volunteers and field staff of the Chile program. Says Heather Tang, Chile Field Director: 

"In March, we welcomed 10 new volunteers to sunny Santiago to start off the new Chilean school year. Since then, these gringos have been snapping photos, writing articles, and composing poems to be contributed in the third issue.

We hope you all enjoy it, as it is the first issue for our newest members of our close-knit WorldTeach Chile familia, and for some of them, their hello and farewell all in one as they are finishing in their amazing experiences in Chile at the end of July. However, though some will conclude their service at the end of this month, their legacy will stand strong through the learning they have fostered, the relationships they have made, and the memories they have left.  Those who are staying until November will continue contributing to their impacts on their Chilean communities along with the new seven who just arrived in mid-June and are itching to dive into their lives in Chile!"

The next issue of Short Stories, Long Country is schedule to be released on November 1, 2011. If you would like to subscribe, please send your name and email address to chile@worldteach.org or chilesslc@gmail.com.


Chile SSLC - July 2011

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