A Few of My Favorite Things: Reflections from a volunteer in Panama

One of our newest programs, Panama offers an exciting opportunity for volunteers to be an integral part of shaping a WorldTeach program and setting high expectations for future volunteers.  Panama is a melting pot of cultures, the gateway between two continents and two oceans.  Applications for the Panama Year and Spring Semester programs are due December 1.  Learn more and apply here.

A few weeks into her WorldTeach experience in Panama, volunteer Colleen took some time to reflect on some of her favorite things about her new community.  Here are some excerpts from her blog: 

A few of my favorite things:

- When I cross paths with a guy holding a gunny sack in one hand, and that sack is emitting enough chirps for me to know that there are at least a half dozen chicks inside, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. 

- My students tell me, “Teacher, cuenteme, como es la nieve” (Teacher, tell me what snow is like) and I respond that they are like frozen raindrops in a beautiful shape, they reaction is: “GUUUUUAAAAAOOOO! TEAAACHHHEERRRRR! BRING ME SOME! PLEASE?!” I’ve found that a lot people here (kids and grown ups) are fascinated by the idea of snow. 

- The traveling fruit/vegetable vendor and his pick up truck I encountered this morning. I wouldn’t have recognized him for what he was were it not for the “VENDO SANDIA! VENDO SANDIA! VENDO SANDIA POR PESO! MELON! TENGO MELON! DULCE Y RICO! TENGO MELON! HAAAAAAAAAY TOMATES! VENDO TOMATES SEIS TOMATES POR DOLAR! VENGA VENGA!” recording being transmitted outside of the vehicle at a loud volume. Well, that plus the 10 mph and constant honking. But mostly it was the tape. Good advertising?

- The late afternoons here. When there’s a clear blue sky, sun is on its downward slope, there’s a slight breeze and it’s starting to cool down, I can’t. stay. inside.

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