Namibia Volunteer On A Mission to Provide Calculators to Her Students

When volunteering abroad, there are plenty of times a teacher notices a lack of materials or room for improvement, but it's not always easy to find a solution. With a little creativity and a lot of exuberance, Hannah, Year Namibia Volunteer, relates her story of  providing a much needed resource to her math students.

Ever since our term 2 exams, I have made it my personal mission to find some organization somewhere that could help supply my school with calculators. I was invigilating (proctoring) some math exams and was struggling to watch 5, 6, or even 7 kids sharing the same calculator. Many of these exams are really long and kids struggle to finish within the allotted time. This problem is fueled when kids are waiting in line to use a calculator. After some research, I happened upon an incredible organization called Charitable Calculators.

This organization is out of the states and collects old calculators from people no longer using them and then donates them to schools in need. I filled out their application and heard back from a phenomenal woman named Marian (same as my mom…good sign, right?). She told me that the organization unanimously approved my application and had 45 graphing (!) calculators to send to me, free of charge! This woman is so incredible, she is even paying for the incredibly expensive shipping out of her own pocket. She was willing to fly them out here herself to ensure they made it, but could not get here in time for the November exams (the time when the kids really need them). Anyway, they should be getting here by the end of the week and I couldn’t be more excited. How awesome that there are organizations like that and people like Marian in the world.

Want to make a difference in Namibia like Hannah? Read more about our Namibia Year long program here! The October deadline is fast approaching!

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