Portraits of Colombia

WorldTeach volunteers not only get to know their schools and students, but they are truly integrated into the community and culture around them. Jenna, a Colombia WorldTeach volunteer, shares some insights about the people she sees every day. 

Socially, life is great. I love the passion Colombians have for music, singing, and dancing. All of the aforementioned are always present at every Colombian gathering. Monteria is a super happy city and I love spending time with the people here.

As I said before, every Colombian I have met has been friendly and welcoming. Colombians are also extremely laid-back. An expected 15 minute trip to the bank can easily turn into a 5 hour adventure filled with stops at friends' houses, walks through the park/centro, and stops to eat ice cream (I speak from experience). Sitting outside after dinner and chatting for hours is something to expect daily. It's very different... in a good way. Colombians are such warm people. 

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