Podcast: Fundraising for Your WorldTeach Experience

So have you been accepted to WorldTeach and wonder how you will meet the volunteer commitment, or are you considering applying but are scared off by the prospect of raising upwards of $5000 to fund your experience? Listen to this podcast for advice from one WorldTeach Ecuador volunteer who went from college student to WorldTeach volunteer by successfully raising over $13,000. His tips are simple: create a clear, concise pitch; make the cause personal; repeat your message; and GET THE WORD OUT! It really is as simple as that. If he can do it, so can you!


For more information on Tony's fundraising efforts, check out the website he made during his active fundraising appeals here, and don't forget to utilize the WorldTeach fundraising guide found here. 

Good luck in all of your fundraising efforts! If you had a great experience or unique tactic, please feel free to share it with us by emailing publicity@worldteach.org!

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  1. Great ideas but the voices weren't always understandable; if sound were clearer, it'd have been easier to follow.