Marshallese High School Student Recieves Opportunity to Attend United World College International Baccalaureate August 2012

WorldTeach volunteers aim to inspire their students. Their willingness to educate has given hundreds of young adults opportunities that once seemed impossible. Today, we are proud to share with you the story of a Marshallese high school student named Kami Mackphie. This year, Kami will matriculate to the prestigious United World College in Vancouver. Though Kami has been granted a generous scholarship from UWC, he still needs help financing his travels to Canada. Read his story below and please consider making a donation to his cause. Congratulations, Kami!

A Marshallese high school student will be leaving for a new school on Vancouver Island, Canada this year all thanks to a United World College (UWC) High School Scholarship. Kami Mackphie, a junior at Northern Islands High School on Wotje (and formerly of Marshall Islands High School in Majuro) will attend the Lester B. Pearson High School in Canada for two years beginning this August. Kami is the first Marshallese student to ever attend an UWC. Inspired by a number of WorldTeach volunteer teachers along his educational path, Kami has continued to work hard towards his goal of becoming an Environmental Lawyer in the Marshall Islands.

While the scholarship covers tuition, books, tutoring, and room and board – it does not include flight, pocket money, a computer, health insurance, winter clothes or money for local adventures. This is where you and your families and friends can help. We are working to raise funds for these specific details in order to show UWC that we (the Marshall Islands and those behind Kami) are committed to his education and the future of this scholarship for other Marshallese students. If we rally, we can raise a lot, and show UWC how committed we are!

If you would like to help, please go to: https://community.pearsoncollege.ca/SSLPage.aspx?pid=364 and make an online note that the funds should go to the “Marshallese Scholarship”. If you would prefer to send a check or donation to Tamara Greenstone (UWC Committee Coordinator for Marshall Islands) please email her at tgreenstone@gmail.com for more information. Donations of cash, a computer, or winter clothes are welcome. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

UWCs are an association of twelve international boarding campuses situated all over the world. Established in the 1960s in Britain, the schools bring together students from more than a hundred countries to study for two years together in a culture of international understanding, academic excellence and community service. Besides pursuing the demanding International Baccalaureate diploma, a high school certificate accepted in most countries and respected by the world’s most elite universities, students engage in regular service sessions and numerous extracurricular activities. Students are admitted to UWCs through a network of more than 130 national committees operating all over the globe. As UWCs are committed to providing scholarships for their students, admission in most countries is very competitive, with more than a hundred students applying for one scholarship in some countries. After graduation, UWC alumni have doors open to the world’s best universities. For more information go to: http://www.uwc.org/

We wish Kami the best of luck in his educational pursuits! Please consider helping Kami make this incredible journey and make a donation today. If you would like to witness the incredible potential of students abroad like Kami, consider applying for one of our volunteer programs. For more information visit www.worldteach.org .

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