Teacher Appreciation: Celebrating Wai Kru Day in Thailand

WorldTeach volunteer Noam Szoke is dedicating his year to teaching English in Nakhan Phanom, Thailand. In the following blog post Noam shares with us the unique events of the Thai holiday called Wai Kru day. The holiday celebrates teachers of Thailand and students therefore express their appreciation through various acts of generosity. Check out a few of Noam's great photos displaying the grattitude of his students on this day; reminding us that teaching is one of the greatest services one can provide for today's youth - in any part of the world.

Today was Wai Kru day at both my schools. It is a day for students to thank their teachers, and I was part of the lovely ceremony at Thai Samakee School. The day included chanting and singing, as well as a lot of wai-ing and flower giving. Us teachers, along with our Paw Aw (principal), sat up on the new stage (donated by the previous volunteer, Peter) and the students came up one group at a time to bow in front of the altar, the king, and us. Very sweet gestures all around; a manifestation of the codified appreciation and grattitude that is part of Isaan culture.

 6th graders, Anuban, and all grades in between wait and listen:
Singing led by Bang and Peng:
 On stage, students come in pairs and small groups to Wai and offer us flowers:

Great pictures, and an even greater message! Student appreciation is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of teaching. If you're interested in teaching English in Thailand like Noam, you can find more information at www.worldteach.org. Or, you are welcome to call us at 857-259-6646 or send an e-mail to recruiting@worldteach.org.

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