For the third consecutive year, WorldTeach has been named a four star charity by America's top charity evaluator, Charity Navigator! This honor, as President & CEO Ken Berger explains, recognizes WorldTeach's "sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency." Of the thousands of charities that Charity Navigator examines, WorldTeach is among the 9% distinguished by this achievement. Click here for more details!

Recent growth from the non-profit sector, as Berger explains, has yielded a need to distinguish, legitimize, and display the accountability of charities around the country. Therefore, acknowledgment of the highest form from the country's leading charity evaluator is an honor and invaluable achievement for WorldTeach as an organization. 

Charity Navigator's evaluation affirms our mission as an organization and the dedication of our workers and volunteers to see that this mission holds true. 

We would like to thank all of our employees, volunteers and supporters who have allowed for this incredible achievement. Be assured that WorldTeach will continue to uphold such reliable policies as a non-profit organization. We would also like to thank Charity Navigator for recognizing our achievements - your acknowledgement is greatly appreciated by everyone at WorldTeach. 

Here's to three years of the highest degree of charitable work - and more to come!

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