Volunteer in India!

WorldTeach's newest program in India has just launched. Our first set of volunteers have recently arrived in the country and are excited to start teaching! WorldTeach volunteer Kylie Edwards has recently been introduced to the school system and students whom she will be working with. Take a look at what Kylie has to say about adapting to this culturally rich Asian nation and what she can expect in the year to come!

I have been told that I will now be teaching at the matriculation school here at Periyar.  I will still be in Trichy living in the guest house!  I am very excited because at the matriculation school I will have the pleasure of teaching K-6.  It is an English medium school but most of the children do not speak a bit of English.  It almost appeared as though it was a Tamil medium school.
I stopped by the school today to meet with the Headmistress but she is gone to the States to visit her daughter in California where she is studying to be a doctor.  Instead I got to meet the Vice Principal.  She seemed genuinely enthusiastic about my presence at the school.  I will start teaching there on the 16th of this month.  I got to visit a kindergarten classroom on my way out of the complex.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever!  The children were all scared to say hello.  They were so tiny with cute little dresses and big socks.  The boys wore shorts with big socks and little ties.  There was a few children in the classroom who were crying.  I asked why they were crying and the teacher told me that some are still not adjusted to leaving their parents but by lunch time they will stop crying.  That made me really excited to teach there.  I love adorable little children!  
The children at the matriculation school are not from the orphanage-they are from the surrounding area.  Luckily, I will still have contact with the children from the Children's Home Orphanage because I still have to run extra-curricular activities during the evenings for the children there.  I have really come to know two or three of them.
Well, off to teach.  I am teaching a 10th standard class today and then running some errands. 

You can still be a part of this year's program in India! Another batch of volunteers departs this August for 11 months of teaching. We are looking to fill two more volunteer placements at Rising Star Outreach,an NGO dedicated to helping leprosy-affected families.WorldTeach volunteers there will teach computer skills and English to the children. Volunteers may also elect to help in the nearby leprosy colonies either through a medical mission or by teaching children who cannot attend school.  Click here for more information. If you're interested in applying, please send resume and cover letter to admissions@worldteach.org. We'd love to have you participate in this new and exciting program!

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