WorldTeach Makes Headlines in Ecuador

Our Ecuador volunteers Joey Williams, Alicia Vignali, and Jessica Block were recently featured in a newspaper article out of Machala, Ecuador! The article (written in Spanish) features the three volunteers and their service in Ecuador and also introduces WorldTeach and the organization's mission to unfamiliar readers. Take a look at the translation of the article below! READ MORE >>

 International English Instructors and the Language Institute 

For the past ten years, UTMACH (the Technical University of Machala) has maintained an inter-institutional partnership with WorldTeach, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to improve global education by means of cultural exchange and volunteerism.  

Since 2010, three volunteers have exclusively collaborated with the Language Institute of UTMACH to teach English classes. In 2011, the Social Sciences department incorporated three (WorldTeach) volunteers into their teaching staff, thanks to the actions of the Departamento de Cooperacion y Intercambio Interinstitucional (Department of Cooperation and Inter-institutional Exchange) of UTMACH.

The international teachers that were accepted by WorldTeach come from the most prestigious North American universities – for example, Harvard College, the University of California, Boston College, Northwestern University, among others –, and their studies are in the fields of Educational Sciences, Psychology, History, Anthropology, Literature, International Studies, Political Science and Economics.

At present, our institution accommodates six volunteers of American descent that promote the study of the English language and that enrich the vision of the reality of our pupils.

Photographs & Captions

Joseph “Joey” Williams (Left)

“I am a graduate of Marietta College. I am from Akron, Ohio. I try to bring humor into my class to facilitate learning.”

Joseph Williams is a North American teacher with a degree in Spanish and is also well-versed in French. He teaches students at the first level of intensive English in the Language Institute. Iris Nilsen and Nina Bachkova also work with him.

Alicia Vignali and Jessica Block (Center) 

Alicia Vignali and Jessica Block, newly-arrived educators to the career of English instruction, spend time in the green areas around the Social Sciences building.

It's great to see WorldTeach being positively publicized abroad! We continue to be impressed by the achievements of all of our WorldTeach volunteers. If you're interested in learning more about our year long or summer programs in Ecuador, visit our website at www.worldteach.org!

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