A Historic View of Bogotá

Seven months into her year of service in Colombia, WorldTeach volunteer Tasha Miley was finally able to visit the breathtaking views from the iconic Monserrate. Tasha shares with us the beauty of Bogotá, Colombia in both her words and stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing, Tasha!

I have been living in Bogotá for over seven months now and until today I had yet to visit probably one of the most iconic sites in the city - Monserrate. For those of you who have never hear of Monserrate before, I will give you a little history.
The monastery at the top!
The air cable car that stopped functioning

Monserrate is derived from the Montserrat mountain near Barcelona, Spain. In 1640 the former governor of Colombia, Juan de Borja, gave the orders for a church to be built on the mountain. The church was built in honor of the Virgin Morena, whose shrine was located in Barcelona. The church was finished in 1657, seventeen years after the orders were made for it to be built. 

Monserrate is located at an elevation of 3,127 meters above sea level which is equivalent to almost 10,360 feet. It is high. Very high. You have four options to get to the top. #1 is the air tram, essentially a cable car. #2 is a train that goes straight up the mountain. #3 Walk. #4 Run. Option #4 might cost you a lung or a leg.

Today when I visited Monserrate with Sebastian we decided to take the air tram. I was a little cautious when I saw the thing in action, the cars dangling form a wire, progressing almost STRAIGHT up the mountain. He assured me there was nothing to be worried about. Two minutes later the cars got stuck. We waited for about 30 minutes and the cars did not move. And then they opened the train for us instead, and we left the other people dangling in the air. 

The train was a very odd sensation at any point I felt like the train might malfunction and spiral down the mountain, like a really crazy roller coaster ride, but one with a bad ending. Luckily it didn't and we made it to the top. 

The views from the top of Monserrate are absolutely spectacular. It makes you realize how big Bogotá is, but that crazy part is that you're not even seeing all of Bogotá when you're up there. Enjoy the views and if you ever make it to Bogotá, don't wait seven months to get up to Monserrate.

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