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When preparing to travel abroad, many consider the major cultural differences they will encounter. Language and daily routine, for example, are changes that individuals expect to come face-to-face with. Yet as WorldTeach Namibia volunteer Richard McGuire teaches us, it's often the subtle differences that are most striking. Check out Richard's great perspective below! 
This morning at school was rather interesting. For breakfast, I usually shove a piece of bread and butter down my throat before running to school, but this morning I decided to bring a gourmet breakfast to school to eat in the staff office (by gourmet, I mean apples and and peanut butter).    
I quickly realized that my breakfast was clearly an American “delicacy” from all of the stares and laughs I got from my fellow colleagues. I kept eating as if it was the most delicious thing in the world. I told them to imagine coming to America and eating Mopane worms, a common delicacy among South Africans and Namibians consisting of cooked and spiced caterpillars. 
The point of this story, is that it made me realize how different foods can be percieved by different people, not matter what they might consist of.  
"Its just what we’re use to”, one of them said. And that’s exactly how delicacy should be defined.  
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