"The Rain is Raining"


Jana Sax's time volunteering in Thailand is quickly coming to a close. In her most recent blog post, Jana reflects on the roller coaster ride of emotions she has experienced this year. She particularly reflects on a unique saying she heard repeatedly from a friend in Thailand - "the rain is raining". Check out Jana's story and great pictures below!

the rain is raining. a thai friend of mine says this sometimes. the first time i heard it i thought it was a silly translation mishap, but now i get it, sometimes the rain really is raining. there are days when i feel like forrest gump, and its just coming straight up from the ground.

i always liked rain, but living in a tropical climate has brought that liking to a full on love affair. my happiness hinges on how much rain we get in a given day. days when i know its going to be sunny and hot are not usually my best days, and days when it pours all night and into the day are just magical.
what really blows my mind is that no matter how much it rains, i rarely ever get caught in a bad storm. when its all out downpour, it all seems to subside at least enough so i can ride my bike to school, dinner, or whatever, without getting drenched.
things around here have been much of the same. as of today i only have 9 weeks of teaching left, which is a little hard to comprehend sometimes. one the one hand, knowing i have a ticket home makes me more anxious than ever to get back. on the other, with only so many lessons left and so much i want to teach, i am also anxious about how little time i really have left here.
teaching has been everything i was prepared for and everything i wasn’t at the same time. the good days are REALLY good and the bad days leave me exhausted and emotionally drained. by friday i am just elated to have survived one more week, but at the end of it all even the bad days make it worthwhile. i’ve really got to stretch my creativity and patience daily and its so rewarding, just reaffirms i’ve done the right thing in coming here. i could probably write a lot of pages about all that, but i wont bore you :)
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