Art Time in American Samoa!

When WorldTeach volunteer Raina Kahanu-McNeeley forgot to plan her art lesson for her students in American Samoa, it was no big deal. Raina demonstrated her resourcefulness, creativity, and humor by creating a fun art project for everyone. In this blog she tells her story and provides pictures of the finished products. Thanks for sharing, Raina! 

One reason I love Thursdays, and possibly the only one, is that it's art day. Which means after math, I don't do anything but art. Which gives me a nice break because the students love art, I love art, and it let's me have actual conversations with the students.

Today though, I forgot it was art until after lunch. I had nothing planned, so I took out construction paper, cut it up, and planned as I went. In the end, they used different colors to make a picture. Here's some of their finished projects:

"Here Miss, this is you."
5 minutes later "And this is your friend"
10 minutes later "Wait, are you married??" 

Cool huh? he copied mine, then made it his own by adding a sail boat. 

It's a dog eating a bone! haha. It's my favorite.

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