I Say It's Love: WorldTeach Costa Rica

WorldTeach volunteers Rachel Simmons and Cassandra Dunn have spent the past year teaching English in Costa Rica. As their time in-country draws to a close, each has created a video featuring their favorite pictures and footage from their journey. Rachel, volunteering in Boruca, and Cassandra, teaching in Palo Verde both share the incredibly personal stories of the people, places, adventures, and memories that they have come to love.  It's something you won't want to miss! Thanks for sharing, Rachel and Cassandra!


My name is Rachel, and I've spent 2012 volunteering at the elementary school Doris Z. Stone on the indigenous territory of Boruca in southern Costa Rica.  Life here revolves around teaching my 150 incredible students, exploring the gorgeous mountains which surround my village, and learning about the fascinating cultural traditions of the Borucan people.  'Love' by Sugarland has been such a defining song of my time here that when I decided to make a video documenting my year, it was the obvious choice.  The song provides the background for some of my favorite video clips and photographs from my year as a volunteer in Costa Rica, both from in and outside the classroom.  Enjoy!

This video is my love letter to and year book about Costa Rica. It includes pictures of many of the wonderful people I met along the way and tries to capture the unique beauty of everyday life in the pueblo.
-Cheers, *Cassandra*


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