Not Your Average Poncho: WorldTeach India

While winter may be approaching for much of the United States, for India, the coming months bring rain and lots of it! WorldTeach volunteers Jenna Frydman and Kylie Edwards have proven their kindness, humor, and resourcefulness by creating a makeshift rain poncho for their caretaker, Ravanan. 

Here's Kylie's telling of the story from her blog kyliejedwards.blogspot.in:

"Last week we had two Rain Days!  On the second rain day I decided to make Ravanan a poncho.  This is because I gave him one of mine from home but because of his broad shoulders he ripped it all down the side.  He does have to still work in the rain and many nights he has left with that little $.99 poncho and then comes back soaked! 

So I gathered all my plastic bags together and designed him a poncho that will hopefully last and keep him super dry.  It is quite ugly but practical.  Durqa came into my room as I was making it and began cracking up uncontrollably.  I then told her it was a gift for Ravanan brother and then she was hysterical.  Durqa wanted to show Jenna so we went to her room with it all on me.  Jenna opened her door to find me looking like a wizard adorned in plastic shopping bags and a laughing Durqa.  Jenna then snapped some shots of me in my beautiful creation.  Then I attempted to take the poncho off but had trouble.  Then I stood in front of Durqa and put my arms up indicating that I needed her to lift it over my head.  But to a woman who wears a saree everyday (a dress that does not go over the head) this non-verbal body language just seemed very odd.  Durqa then just grabbed me around the mid-section and hugged me sooo tight.  It was so cute and I had to hug her back just as hard as we both laughed. 

Night came around and Ravanan came over.  Luckily Durqa was there to watch Ravanan receive his gift.  He at first thought it was a joke and refused to accept it.  It was kind of funny and then Durqa explained that I cut it all and tapped all the seams.  He finally took the gift and explained that it would be great at home in his village."

Check out the Jenna's hilarious video!

Thanks for sharing your story with us and for the great work you are doing in India, Kylie and Jenna!

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