The Finish Line: WorldTeach Namibia

Come December, Jessie Drescher will leave her comfortable life in Brooklyn to volunteer as an English teacher in Namibia with WorldTeach. As if preparing to leave her home for a year wasn't enough of a challenge, Jessie has done the incredible by running in a half marathon! 

After ten weeks of intense training, Jessie crossed the finish line of the Trenton Half Marathon on November 10, 2012. She completed the race with a time of only 1:52:13, beating her goal of two hours. This is certainly no small feat, especially considering how she had never had much experience running before starting her training.  

Jessie's achievement may be impressive, but what does running a half marathon have to do with WorldTeach? As she puts it, she ran the race for her "soon-to-be students in Omungwelume," who hope to create a better life for themselves through their education.

Running the half marathon allowed her to test and push herself in ways that would help her become a better teacher when she arrives in Namibia. In her preparation for the race, she needed to learn to make sacrifices and overcome obstacles.

Some of Jessie's best teachers were those who listened and inspired her to go beyond what she was thought possible. Only after two and a half months of training, does she feel energized and prepared, ready to share the lessons she learned about strength and commitment with her students. 

As she prepares for her departure in just a few weeks, Jessie has some important words to share with us about why she chose to volunteer with WorldTeach, "My passion is in helping people. I don't know where this will take me, but I do know that I find happiness in improving the lives of others. Education is a great place to start."

Jessie's story provides a great example of the benefits that can be reaped from determination, thoughtfulness, and perseverance. These are qualities that we should try bring with us to whatever we do, from the smallest of things to something so grand as spending a year volunteering abroad in Africa. 

Congratulations on your race, Jessie, and good luck in Namibia! We hope to hear even more amazing stories from you!

Check out Jessie's blog to learn more about her journey to Namibia. If you would like to donate to Jessie's efforts, please follow this link

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